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Alumniverbund der Universität Siegen - The International Network

Regardless of whether you completed your studies some time ago, or are still working on your degree, everyone who has studied, taught, worked or conducted research at the University of Siegen should stay connected. Become a part of the international network of your university! Benefit from lively exchanges between theoretical and practical knowledge, make contacts and take advantage of the variety of services offered by us, the "Alumniverbund der Universität Siegen" - the international network of the University of Siegen, together with the alumni groups of the faculties. Your participation will also allow you to actively shape the network.

Are you not yet a member of the network? Click here to create your "myAlumni" profile in the Alumni Portal!

You already created your profile in the Alumni-Portal? Click here to login directly to the Alumni Portal with your profile!

We manage the university-wide international network of the University of Siegen through our myAlumni portal. On this portal you can create a profile featuring information about your time at the university of Siegen and your career, join departmental alumni groups, hear about our offers and services, make new contacted and play a part in actively shaping the network through you involvement. Click here to be taken to the alumni-portal.

The AlumniCard for our members of the Alumni Network! At registration in the Alumni Portal, our alumni receive receive their AlumniCard and can take advantage of many from the areas of education, culture, leisure and sport the university and our partners at a reduced rate. from our partners. Alumni who are already registered in the portal can order their AlumniCard by e-mail. Click here to learn more.

Finishing with your degree doesn't mean you're finished with your university. We offer all kinds of group events at the university, in which our alumni can participate in order to stay in touch with other alumni, students and the university. Click here to read more about alumni meetings.

Alumni share experiences from their personal and professional development in these interviews. They may have all studied at the University of Siegen, but each one of them has their own story to share. Click here to read their portraits.

My Uni Siegen signpost: Our international alumni highlight their connections to the University of Siegen by holding a signpost with the distance to Siegen from some particularly meaningful places at their current location. Click here to read more about our ambassadors.

Some alumni of the University of Siegen decide to start their own businesses.The ideas behind each company are as unique as the founders themselves. These alumni talk about their exciting start-up experiences in various interviews. Click here to read more about our founder alumni.

International scientists from our research network give an insight into their research collaboration with researchers from the University of Siegen. Click here here to see the research alumni gallery aswell.

Latest News

DAAD funding received for Alumni Academy 2023/24

Transformation in terms of sustainability - In the Future Laboratory "Urbanisation and Rural Development". the participants, international alumni and research alumni of the University of Siegen, are invited in an interdisciplinary grouping to enter into a discourse with international perspectives on this field of tension over a period of two years. Here, a link is established between international projects, which are identified and accompanied by the participants from their respective regional and subject contexts, and regional and university (Uni Siegen) projects. Click here to read more

Neues Forscher-Alumni-Tandem online:

Prof Dr José Ramón Ruisánchez - Prof Dr Yasmin Temelli: Literature, non-literature and everything in between

Prof Dr José Ramón Ruisánchez came to the University of Siegen through a DAAD ‘Visiting Professorship’ for the summer semester 2022. Originally from Mexico, he is usually based at the University of Houston in the United States of America at the Department of Hispanic Studies. Click hereto read more.

Neues Alumni-Portrait update online:

Thomas Vogel: Videoredakteur bei der Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall

Thomas Vogel studierte an der Universität Siegen den Studiengang Medienplanung, -entwicklung und -beratung (kurz „M-PEB“) und arbeitete zum Zeitpunkt unseres letzten Interviews mit ihm bei der Filmproduktion Bewegte Zeiten als Redakteur und Autor. Inzwischen ist er für die Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall als Videoredakteur tätig. Seit dem letzten Gespräch ist also einiges passiert. Hier mehr dazu lesen.

Neues Alumni-Portrait online:

Thomas Hohn, Kampaigner Umwelt- & Bildungspolitik, Greenpeace e.V.

Der Alumni studierte von 1990-1994 Philosophie mit Schwerpunkt im Mittelalter sowie Psychologie und Religionswissenschaften an der Universität Siegen. Seit 2015 ist Thomas Hohn als politischer Kampaigner Teil des Bildungsteams von Greenpeace. Hier mehr dazu lesen.

Neues Gründer-Portrait online:

Alexandra und Philipp Pfeifer Kavalio

Bereits während seines Bachelor- und Masterstudiums an der Universität Siegen hat Philipp Pfeifer als Projektleiter in der Automobilindustrie gearbeitet und führte Teams von bis zu 30 Mitarbeiter:innen. Mit Mitte 20 hat er mit seiner Frau Alexandra Pfeifer, die ebenfalls in Siegen Betriebswirtschaftslehre studiert hat, das junge Reitsport E-Commerce Brand kavalio.de: Ein Onlineshop für professionelles Pferde-, Hund- und Reiterequipment. Hier mehr dazu lesen.

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