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Alumni meetings

Your graduation ceremony at your faculty may seem like a farewell, but it doesn't have to be. After your studies you can participate in various sorts of events and gatherings at the university. Through these occasions you can stay connected with Siegen.


Graduation ceremonies of the faculties.

The completion of your studies is celebrated by each faculty through periodical graduation ceremonies.


Homecoming - Returning to your university

Stay in touch - we can organise your class reunion for you! Continue to feel connected with your former university and other alumni, continue to feel at home at your University of Siegen! (university tours) Perhaps you would even like to celebrate a particular event, such as the passing of an exam? Alternatively we can find other opportunities for you to visit your university again, such as our emeriti meetings.

Class reunions

Find your way back to the University of Siegen! Meet with your former classmates, see how your university is doing today, and get a glimpse of how it will develop in future. Whether it’s a visit to your former institute, taking a look behind the scenes of everyday life at the university, discussing current research topics with scientists from your department, or having lunch with your fellow students in the cafeteria.

We will help you organise your class reunion! The university's alumni office will be happy to assist you with organisation and inviting your former classmates. Contact us!

If you have a corresponding request, please contact us by email at alumniverbund@uni-siegen.de or call us at 0271 / 740-4912.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Anniversary meetings

The anniversary of completing your study programme or a particular part of your studies is a good reason for you and your fellow alumni to come together at your former place of study, to reminisce about the unforgettable times you spent together, and to properly celebrate the anniversary, even after you have spent many years away from the university in your career. Reminisce with your fellow students about your time together and learn about how your department has developed since you left. It does not matter how long ago your studies were 25 or 50 years ago, or if they were completed before 1972 at one of the university's preceding institutions, such as the Pädagogische Hochschule Siegerland.

On request, we can organise a personalised event programme with you for a special event for you and your alumni group at the University of Siegen.

If you are interested, get in touch and let us know your preferences. You can contact us by email at alumniverbund@uni-siegen.de or by phone at 0271 / 740-4912.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Emeriti meetings

Retired professors have all had a significant impact on the University of Siegen throughout the previous years. They remain important representatives for science and teaching at the university, even once they have formally retired from their position. The University of Siegen invites all of its retired professors to return to their former place of work for emeriti meetings, in order to give them to chance to reunite with former colleagues, and to share ideas and perspectives on different matters. A lot is likely to have changed in the years since retirement. So these meetings also provide an opportunity to learn about current developments at the university, and to gain insights into current and future developments in research and teaching.

In 2019, the first university-wide Emeriti meeting took place at the University of Siegen at the relatively new Unteres Schloss campus, which included retired professors from all faculties.
Click here to read more about the Emeriti meeting 2019.

The next meeting, which will take place at another location, is planned for 2020:
The next meeting will take place on Thursday, June 18th, 2020 at Adolf-Reichwein-Str. Thursday, June 18th, 2020 at Adolf-Reichwein-Str.
More information will follow soon.

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