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Our offers and services deals not only with former students but also with current students. We connect together the sections and we support specific departmental activities. With multidisciplinary programmes and events, we provide an exchange platform with the University and within the Alumni-Network.

The Alumni-Forum

Exchange and inform - alumni report from the field. The forum offers events on various topics from the real world with the possibility to hold an exchange between the university and students of the past and present.

The Career Mentoring Programme

“Siegen in tandem “ with the allocation of former students (mentor) to students presently studying (mentee). The program brings together students and alumni with real-world experience in a one-to-one relationship. Students gain worthwhile tips with regard to career direction and getting started in the world of work; the alumni can relay their know-how and gain qualifications as a mentor. In the international part of the programme mentors living and working in other countries are brought together with students who aspire to work abroad or with foreign students who aim to return to their home country after studying.


Exchange meeting "career:FORUM 'Career Mentoring Program'!" (May 13th 2009)
This screenbook is only provided in german.

Training courses

Workshops on real-world problems help alumni to develop themselves at their former university whilst still working. Additionally, students can gain more qualifications prior to them entering the workplace.

Stay informed

Here is all the news about the alumni. Here you can read through news from the university and find out more about how the university is developing.

We connect you

You can find former university friends or groups who are keeping in touch with their former department. At the diverse events at your university you can arrange to meet with old university friends or just wait and see which “old faces” you will see again. You can become a member of the international Alumni-Network of the University Siegen. You can also take advantage of diverse offers and take part in international programmes.
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