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Donate and support

Alumni, friends and supporters assist the activities of the University of Siegen. Become a part of this strong network. Facilitate some of the activities of the university by supporting talented and committed students during their studies through a scholarship from our Student Support Fund or Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Grant). Or you can support the university in other ways, such as by participating in the "sponsor a seat" campaign, or by becoming a member of one of our support associations, such as the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the University of Siegen eV.

Promote young talent. Provide them with opportunities!

The University of Siegen is a place of study for talented young people who must support themselves while completing their studies and fulfilling various requirements such as experience abroad, receiving good grades and attaining practical experience. The awarding of scholarships supports high-performing and committed students of your alma mater. The aim is to support students, without regard to their personal or financial background, in their academic and personal development. Our society relies on young people with innovative ideas having the opportunity to assert themselves in the competitive world of international business and research.

We strive to support and promote young talents on their career path through our alumni network. Our alumni can highlight their commitment to students and their university by personally sponsoring scholarships. Become a part of it!


The University of Siegen scholarship programme

Your commitment to students of your alma mater!

The scholarship programme of the University of Siegen is comprised of two funds that provide students with financial and moral support: the Student Support Fund and the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Grant).

The Student Support Fund sponsors students for two semesters by providing them with 2,500 euros in total. This funding is available for covering study-related costs such as purchasing textbooks and other study materials, or for attending academic conferences. This scholarship is given with the recipient's personal and financial situation taken into account. You are able to contribute a discretionary amount to this fund. We will collect all of these donations and allocate them as 2,500 euro scholarships per student for two semesters.

With the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany grant), students are funded for two semesters with 300 euros per month being provided for a total of 3,600 euros. As a private donor who provides 1,800 euros per scholarship, you lay the foundation for funding a student for two semesters. This sum you provide will be matched by public funds, thereby allowing the recipient to receive 300 euros per month for an entire year! Are you particularly interested in promoting students involved in certain disciplines? Together with the university, you can set some criteria for the funding of a Germany scholarship to decide which students you would like to support. You can get to know the recipient of the scholarship personally and thus get an insight into current teaching and research at your alma mater.

The financial support from both funds is linked to non-material support for scholarship recipients in the form of opportunities for personal development and assistance in applying for a job. This kind of support can include workplace visits, application training, meetings with other scholarship recipients and networking.

Would you like to support students at the University of Siegen through a scholarship?

You can easily transfer your donations for the Student Support Fund to the account below, or you can contact us for more information if you are interested in sponsoring a Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Grant).

Donation account for the student support fund of the University of Siegen

Sparkasse Siegen
IBAN: DE25 4605 0001 0001 4951 00
(please specify)
30/15/0012/00/701 303
Alumni / Student Fund


"Sponsor a seat" campaign: »Leerstühle besetzen«

Promote talented students by sponsoring seats in the Audimax or in the Friedrich-Schadeberg-Hörsaal, in the new lecture hall building at the Campus Unteres Schloss.

As a special type of donation, the University of Siegen offers the opportunity to sponsor seats. With the symbolic purchase of a seat in a lecture hall, you can show your commitment to the Siegen Student Support Fund, which receives the proceeds from this campaign. A seat can be sponsored for 250 euros which is then given a plaque with the name of the benefactor, thus documenting their commitment to the students of the University of Siegen.

»Leerstühle« - empty seats - in the Audimax: The "sponsor a seat" campaign »Leerstühle besetzen« was launched after the renovation of the Audimax on the 26th of October 2007. Since then, friends, alumni, lecturers and students as well as local entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to sponsor a seat and have their name plaque placed on it. There are still a few »Leerstühle« available. Close the gaps!

»Leerstühle« - empty seats - in the Friedrich-Schadeberg-Hörsaal: The time has come: the university is in the city of Siegen. In the new building at the Unteres Schloss campus, students learn with state-of-the-art technical equipment in a barrier-free environment. Three lecture halls offer a total of 998 seats, plus several seminar rooms. On the occasion of the inauguration of the Friedrich Schadeberg lecture hall on 30 October 2020, there are now also "empty chairs" to be filled in this lecture hall. 594 chairs waiting for new owners!

Would you like to support students by sponsoring a seat in the Audimax, Campus Adolf-Reichwein-Str. or in the Friedrich Schadeberg lecture hall, Campus Unteres Schloss?

Please contact us for further information. We take care of your "empty chair" and provide it with a plaque bearing your or your company's name - according to your wish - thus referring to your support.


Become a member of funding associations of the university.

Through their membership, supporters and friends are committed to strengthening the further development of the University of Siegen, both at university and faculty level.


Society of Friends and Sponsors of the University of Siegen e.V.

Through its funding activities, the society supports the University of Siegen in both a material and non-material way. These funding activities do not support individual scholarship recipients or particular research projects, but are rather focussed on promoting excellence. This deepens regional relationships and maintains the university's good international reputation in its main research specialities. In addition, limited funds are made available on an annual basis for the promotion of international relations, young people and various other matters . Funding is provided on the basis of an application. The board decides upon the amount of funding allocated. Further information is available here.


Further funding associations in the faculties:

Association for architecture and civil engineering at the University of Siegen

This non-profit association supports the departments of architecture and civil engineering at the University of Siegen. The association fulfils this purpose by assisting the departments of architecture and civil engineering, through providing grants for the procurement of equipment for facilities and teaching in order to enrich education and for other purposes serving both departments and students. Further information is available here.

Association for the Promotion of the Faculty of Economics, Business Informatics and Business Law at the University of Siegen e.V.

The economy of this region has always had an extraordinarily strong interest in the idea of founding a Higher Business School. There was and continues to be a strong need for well-trained, capable young professionals in order to improve economic competitiveness. The sponsoring association had the clear objective of supporting the state higher business school in the past. Looking to the future, it strives to support Faculty III so that competition with other comparable educational institutions can be conducted under the same conditions. The practical implementation of this effort is focused exclusively on the students, so that they have the opportunity for high quality and practical training at the university which will facilitate the long term sustainability of the economy. The support association helps in cases where government funds are insufficient or not available. Further information is available here.

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